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Wordpress Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers instead of a cloud structure. Experience the full power of Wordpress in a highly optimized environment with the latest technologies.



No compromises, no cloud, no overhead. We use Xeon based servers with at least 16 threads and tons of memory. We implement caching on the webserver through nginx, OPCache & APCu. We allocate few customers per server and our storage runs on a RAID10 pure SSD setup.


Each server maximizes performance for the group of users assigned, there is no resource control on our part, you get to experience the full power of the server. We monitor our servers constantly to allow everyone to use it respectfully.


Each server has a specific low ammount of users assigned. Not being connected to any cloud structure, there are less security issues to deal with. On top of that we constantly monitor each of our servers in order to maintain a clean enviroment.


Unlike other services were you don't get help for specific Wordpress problems. We will help you setup, fix and diagnose problems with your plugins and sites. We are developers ourselves and we are commited to helping our customers.

Optimized for speed

We use dedicated servers with minimal overhead, no cloud, no virtualization, running over a pure SSD RAID10 setup, our servers are clean, fast and secured. Working with the latest PHP7 with FPM, nginx as a webserver with microcache and huge amounts of OPCache.  We don't need to reinvent the wheel - we believe our expertise will provide you with a very fast hosting experience. After all, we are developers ourselves!

Powered by VestaCP

One of the fastest and easiest Control Panels in existence.  With VestaCP you will be able to create databases e-mails, websites, add   certificates and manage your files with the ultra efficient File Explorer.