Terms of Service

Fair use of the service, rules and obligations

In this document we will explain the rules for fair use of the service. The rules expressed here entail not only the rules the customer has to accept but also the obligations we need to fulfill. This is a valid legal document that allows you to understand your rights and ours.

  • For the customer to be able to use our services apropiately, he/she needs to accept and understand this document first.
  • We believe in the natural flow of ideas, we do not monitor or watch any activity the customer does with the service, except for the CPU time/resources that are constantly monitred to guaranteed a good service.
  • If the customer abuses the service by doing anything illegal such as: sending spam, ilegal projects, hacking, posting pornography or anything that is forbidden or has serious implications, Elysium Servers Hosting reserves the right to inmediatly suspend the service. Ilegal activities are not allowed, period.
  • Refrain from insulting, bullying and/or misbehaving on tickets or support request.  Elysium Servers Hosting reserves the right to immediately suspend the account if the customer does not behave.  We want to enjoy offering the service to you as much as you deserve to have a good service. In that sense, we don’t want the customer to turn our lives in a living hell,  so, please, be polite.
  • Avoid using fake identities to register the service, this could result in the service being suspended.
  • Avoid using or trying to use fake credit cards. If the credit card company denies a payment we will inform them of that failed payment and you could end up on a blacklist or worse.
  • Avoid using copyrighted material. We take copyright claims very seriously and will act upon it if requested by suspending the account.

Failure to comply on any of these points could end up in your account being cancelled and your information deleted. 


  • Invoices should be paid before the due date, whenever possible.
  • If the invoice is past due, the system will send 3 warnings.
  • The maximum time the system will wait for payment is up to 10 days.
  • If the invoice is not paid within the 10 day period, the system will add a late fee.
  • After the 10 day period if the invoice is not paid the account would be suspended.

Legal Sanctions

The following actions could allow Elysium Servers Hosting to inmediately cancel the customers account.  If the action is severe it could also allow Elysium Servers Hosting to sue the customer.

  • The use of the service for hacking, ilegal DDoS, flooding or similar bad behavior
  • Using the service for child pornography, which will in turn allow us to inmediately report the customer to the authorities.
  • Using the service for fraudulent activities such as stolen credit cards, ilegal transactions be it directly or indirectly.

Account Security

You are responsible for the good use of your account. Elysium Servers Hosting wont be held responsible for damage if you end up giving your control panel access or any other service password to an outside party.

Your control panel access is like your personal document, keep it safe.  Remember we can reset you the password anytime if you suspect it was stolen.

Fair Use

We understand Fair Use of the service as the customer doing normal task inside WordPress, even rescaling pictures, optimizing databases and so on. The server is more than capable of handling such activities.  If, on the contrary, you install faulty plugins or bad coded plugins that ends up using huge chunks of CPU time for more than an hour, we will notify you of the problem and even help you fix it. If the high CPU usage persist we will limit your PHP processes and other server related resources on your account to avoid affecting other customers. 

If the customer ignores or refuse to fix the problems or even refuse our help, we reserve the right to suspend the account in order to protect the other customers on the same server.

Elysium Servers Hosing reserve the right to modify this document partially.  If this occurs, the client will be notified.